Appropriate supervision whilst completing the Scheme for Registration is crucial to trainees progressing as well as ensuring the safety of the public. It is the trainee's responsibility to ensure they have appropriate supervision arrangements in place at all times.

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Supervision types

All you need to know about different supervision arrangements.

Changing my supervision

Information about how to add a new supervisor, remove a previous supervisor from your record or what to do if you are changing practice.

Supervision FAQs

Answers to our most frequently asked questions about supervision.

Introduction to supervision training

Essential learning which must be completed before you can begin supervising a trainee in the Scheme for Registration. 1 CET point available.

NHS England pre-registration supervisor training grant

Find out about the process of how to apply for the pre-registration supervisor training grant.

Additional supervisor documents

Competency framework for supervisors

This includes day-to-day supervision expectations and guidance on how a trainee should be helped in preparation for assessments.


Supervisor training events