Scheme for Registration Handbook

The Scheme for Registration Handbook contains everything trainees need to prepare for assessment visits and the final OSCE. Also access our logbook templates.

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The Scheme for Registration Handbook supports you through all the stages of the Scheme for Registration. It provides guidance, useful links and resources such as assessment plans, the hospital experience logbook, witness testimony forms, and routine eye examination records.

The College sends the Handbook out to all trainees and their supervisors once they have enrolled on the Scheme for Registration. They can also open and download the most recent handbooks here:  





Your handbook will also contain the first few pages of your logbook which you must keep up-to-date throughout the the Scheme for Registration. If you prefer, you can use an electronic version of the logbook. Templates for paper logbook and the electronic logbook, which include instructions, are below:





Competency framework for supervisors

This includes day-to-day supervision expectations and guidance on how a trainee should be helped in preparation for assessments.


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