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High quality video and audio learning with CET points for all fully qualified optometrists.

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DOCET (The Directorate of Optometric Continuing Education and Training) is administered by The College of Optometrists, offering CET opportunities for College members and non-members. 

DOCET offers a great range of video and audio learning for CET across a wide range of topics relevant to everyday optometry. The online learning also includes a fantastic library of past materials with no CET points attached, which may be freely accessed by students, pre-registration optometrists and dispensing opticians.  

Popular CET courses

The ageing eye: Adapting the routine - community practice

Experts look at how to adapt the routine eye check when examining elderly patients including communication, ocular examination and refraction. 1 interactive and 1 non-interactive CET point available.

Anterior Eye

This course presents various anterior eye disorders and takes practitioners through the presentation, examination, diagnosis and management of those external eye conditions. Up to 6 CET points, including interactive, non-interactive and IP competencies.

Advances in eyecare: Reviewing the evidence

The latest edition features interviews with top academics considering the best way to interpret the published literature and evidence base that may influence the way we practise optometry. It also introduces the new TFOS DEWS2 report on dry eye disease. 1 CET point, including IP competency.

Contact lenses: Core skills – fitting and aftercare

Offers 1 interactive and 1 non-interactive CET point. This is the first module of a new series on contact lenses.

Safeguarding children for optometrists (Level 2)

This course will help you refresh your knowledge and gain 1 CET point.

Safeguarding adults for optometrists (Level 2)

This course will help you refresh your knowledge and gain 1 CET point.



Contact DOCET

For more information about DOCET, please contact them at or call on 020 7766 4349.

This is very informative for both newly qualified and experienced optometrists and presented in a logical and clear way, with extra material via links to read and store for future use.

Community optometrist - multiple practice on Contact Lenses: Core Skills - Fitting and Aftercare